Bunker Surveys

Bunker Surveys

Bunker survey of ICSurveys to certify quantities of oils onboard vessels/ships and/or barges before and after the bunkering according procedures of API MPMS chapter 17.1, with Bunker survey of ICSurveys, our clients can expect unbiased reports and confidentiality.

Bunker Surveys are carried out for DELIVERY and RE-DELIVERY of vessel / ship purposes and also for Loss Control in supervision of loading/discharging of petroleum products by tankers or barges.

In addition, survey of Petroleum products of ICSurveys to certify quality, quantities of oils/chemical/gas carried on the Motor Tanker of vessel’s tanks during pumping from shore’s tanks to vessel’s tanks and pumping out from vessel’s tanks to shore’s tanks. The composite samples taken by surveyors of ICSurveys.

This procedure is accredited by our ISO 17020 certification.

Below is a brief description of duties performed by our surveyors during every assignment.


Post Delivery

During Bunkering Operation